The Baltic Writing Residency

Kentucky Writers Fellowship

WE strongly encourage all potential applicants to read the following, as it may help clarify the purpose of this fellowship: We would like to begin by saying that the purpose of this fellowship is to recognize writing that is somehow innovative, though it certainly need not be “experimental” or “conceptual.” There has long been recognition in Kentucky, via state institutions, and via others, for a kind of writing somehow connected with what it means to be of or from Kentucky, a writing that might be thought of as perhaps overly-recognizable, staid, traditional or conservative. We hope to acknowledge those who write in a way that doesn’t simply perpetuate a potentially static and expected form and/or content, but somehow either innovates otherwise “traditional” approaches to writing, or who are working entirely outside of those traditional approaches. Whether your approach is linear or non-linear, narrative or gestural, concerned with the natural world, the self, urban spaces, history, &c., we encourage you to apply, but we encourage to to consider how your writing innovates received approaches to writing, again, either at the level of mode or at the level of content, or both.

Needless to say, given that the KY community of writers is a relatively small one, even those who know staff members of the Baltic Writing Residency are encouraged to apply. In turn, the winner is NOT chosen by anyone with a particular relationship to Kentucky, nor is the winner chosen by the staff of the Baltic Writing Residency. Rather, an anonymous member of the English Department of Harvard University will judge.

The winner receives $500

The deadline is February 28th of each year and the winner will be announced between May and June of the same year. We will begin accepting submissions immediately.

The fellowship is open to any writer of English:

  • who is a native of Kentucky, or
  • who has been living in Kentucky for at least one year, or
  • who lived, at some point in the past, in Kentucky for two years or more, or
  • whose selection is set in Kentucky, or
  • whose selection is about Kentucky.


We vastly prefer submissions be sent electronically via Submittable.

Works that have previously appeared in magazines or books may be included, but it is not required that the work have been previously published. Translations are not eligible.

Submission in more than one genre is acceptable, but each genre requires a separate submission.